George Clarke and the Space Race

George Clarke, the architect and TV presenter knows a thing or two about how homes are built, as shows like Restoration Man and Amazing Spaces prove, but Clarke now wants to show the building industry that a radical shake-up of how houses are created and erected is needed. He is determined to show The Multi-Generational Home, an affordable, practical, yet stylish home that can be constructed and erected within 24 hours, is a viable way forward. shutterstock_109714088 George Clarke 2

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“I think one of the biggest challenges today is to have affordable homes for all and there are two ways to make that happen. One is to either make them smaller so you don’t have to pay for as much material and labour; alternatively, you build them quicker. And one thing that everybody in the building industry says is that we need to make it a faster process, so we have set ourselves the challenge of building a house in 24 hours.” Is that a realistic goal? “It is a tough one really; it might even be a bit overambitious, but it is worth experimenting with a prototype along those lines. If nothing else, it challenges the industry to see if we can do it.”

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Clarke is therefore imploring the government to fully get behind his scheme. “We need them with us; it is something that they have got to step up to. The word that is used more than any other is ‘efficiency’. People say we need to be more efficient; we need to make money stretch further. But if you think about how we have built houses over the last 30 years, it isn’t much different to how we have built them over the last 300 years: lots of concrete, lots of cement, it takes a lot of time. Look at the way technology is used in other parts of life - we are way behind. We have to raise our game.


George Clarke is once again one of the ambassadors of this year's Ideal Home Show taking place now and until 30th March in Earl's Court, London.

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