Go Modern New Knitted Outdoor Footstools

The peeps at fabulous Go Modern, know a thing or two about design, and they have just produced what we feel is their best range yet, with some truly wonderful accessories including hand-knitted footstools (yes, hand-knitted with removable covers), all-weather rugs and throws, and other cool accessories such as side tables, along with armchairs, sofas, dining chairs and dining tables. Go Modern Cane-line outdoor rugs, Divine hand-knited footstools and On-the-Move side table-trays www.gomodern.co.uk


Left to right: all-weather outdoor rugs - from £329, Divine hand-knitted footstools -£270.00, On-the-Move side-tables - from £225.

It was the footstools though that caught our attention the most. We can think of all sorts of occasions where they can come in very handy indeed. Barbeques in the garden, picnics in the park, outdoor concerts and many, many, more.

Go Modern Cane-line Divine hand-knitted footstools - detail shot - www.gomodern.co.uk (1)

They are covered in a beautifully soft, crocheted polypropylene material, which is also hard-wearing and weather-proof, with interior quick-dry foam to give maximum drainage and air circulation. Available in turquoise, brown or anthracite grey.

Go Modern Cane-line Divine hand-knitted footstools www.gomodern.co.uk  cut-out shot

Cane-line has also produced a range of rugs and throws in the same material - eco-friendly and fully-recyclable.