Good Morning

Latte Bowls Anthropolgie

There are some people who 'can't eat breakfast', preferring to make do with a cup of coffee until mid morning. I am not one of them. I love my breakfast and can't function until I have some food in my tummy. But how many of us make time for a proper breakfast? The reality is that breakfast more often than not a rushed bowl of cereal or a speedy slice of toast, but now and again, it is nice to take time over breakfast. The weekend is the obvious time for this. A little effort the evening before means that come the morning you can indulge in some overnight oats, fresh bread or scones. Lay the table with a crisp linen cloth and drink from your favourite mug. Make a pot of tea or a cafetiere of coffee and stay in your PJ's reading the papers having seconds if you so desire. As the old saying goes: 'Eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince and eat dinner like a pauper'.

Here are a few of my must-haves for the weekend breakfast table along with some inspiration for those, like me, who awake from their slumber with rumbling bellies.

Latte Bowls Anthropolgie  left: Latte Bowls - Anthropologie, £2.00 - £3.50

right: Orange and Vanilla Overnight Oats - Green Kitchen Stories

Cornishware Rosie Teapot John Lewis

left: Cinnamon Rolls - Design Sponge

right: Cornishware Rosie Teapot - John Lewis, £75.00

Enamel Dipped Cutlery Toast

left: Bistro Cutlery - Toast, £39.00

right: One Pan Fry Up - Cook Republic

English Preserves Marmalade

left: Simple Spelt Bread - Little Upside Down Cake

London Marmalade - England Preserves, from £3.55

Fresh Start Coffee Maker Anthropologie

left: Breakfast  - My name is Yeh

right: Fresh Start Coffee Maker - Anthropologie, £32.00

Alena Mug Habitat

left: Alena Stoneware Mug - Habitat, £5.00

right: Honey, Thyme & Ricotta Pancakes -  Need Supply Co.

Tesco Wooden Paddle Boards

left: Paint Dipped Wooden Paddle Boards - Tesco Direct, £15.00 each

right: Zucchini Bread - Lily

Terracotta Pitcher Reiko Kaneko SCP

left: Morning Coffee - 365 Days of Coffee

right: Terracotta Pitcher - Reiko Kaneko for SCP, £56.00

Lila Mug Toast

left: Lila Mug - Toast, £16.00

right: Marzipan Dark Chocolate Scones with Raspberry Jam - My name is Yeh