Good sentiments for the New Year.

This is my Year_Conilab

Here's a good mantra for the New Year, and up in lights too! If you're like me and rather fickle, you'll have forgotten all about 2011 already - 2012 is where it's at, and what with the Olympics, and some kind of jubilee thing going on, it looks to be a goodun'. I'm not really a New Year's Eve person. I like New Year's Day when I can watch classic films on TV and write my New Year's Resolution list. Usually I carry a lot of stuff over from the year before, but this year, my list was looking so small, that I decided, instead of writing about what I was going to give up, do better etc., I was going to concentrate on positive things I'm going to do instead (taking the time to go on holiday definitely makes the list). I think these wistful pictures from Barcelona based graphic design artist Coni Della Vedova have such lovely sentiments for starting a New Year. They are very reasonably priced and have something really special about them that is quite hard to define!