Gorgeous aluminium furniture by Tredecim for the Royal Horticultural Society

Based in the Cotswolds in England, Tredecim is a country business that specialises in making top quality sand cast aluminium furniture.  This traditional hand-made technique allows them to create intricate designs whilst maintaining durability.

All their furniture is impervious to rain, sun, frost and snow and this means that it will always look the same whatever the weather.  All the furniture has been developed in partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The Jekyll range includes a series of round tables and chairs which seat any number of people from two to ten.  In addition there are sun loungers, benches and planters.  The Jekyll range is more traditional in style and look.  Each piece is available in a choice of four colours.

The Repton range is still traditional in style, but with a simpler and more contemporary pattern.  The tables are rectangular or square and the pattern simpler.  Again, this range includes sun loungers, benches and planters alongside the traditional table and chairs sets.

Tredecim manufacture their furniture using 100% recycled aluminium and this uses only 5% of the energy used to produce aluminium from ore.  Molten aluminium is poured into a series of sand moulds and then left to cool and harden naturally.

Each piece is hand welded using aluminium solder and the result is a solid piece of furniture with no nuts, bolts or fixings which has optimum strength and stability.

The furniture is then colour powder coated as a whole single piece.  The absence of seams and joints means that water cannot penetrate.

Full details of each range and the manufacturing process can be found on the Tredecim website.