Gorgeous bespoke metalwork by Michael Jacques

I first came across Michael Jacques at the Chelsea Flower Show a few years ago and he's there every year displaying his gorgeous artistic metalwork.  It's always great when functional requirements can be met with artistic flair, especially in the garden when often you want to divide areas without completely blocking the view.

These beautiful gates serve a purpose whilst still allowing you to see through to the garden beyond and they are artistic in their own right.  Gates like this really draw the eye into the garden - you get a glimpse of what's beyond them so, nosey or not, you just have to walk over and take a closer look.

Michael Jacques is a master blacksmith.  He works with a team of qualified and apprentice blacksmiths who are as passionate as him about their craft.  They specialise in high quality bespoke metal work and produce pieces for the garden and for interiors which range from furniture and decorative work to gates and balustrades.

All their projects are commissioned and they work with wrought iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, bronze and copper, using both traditional techniques and modern processes.

There's nothing quite like seeing the pieces in the flesh, but I think you'll be able to see from the close up pictures above that their work is of the finest quality.  For more information and to view their full portfolio please have a look at the website.


(Photos: Michael Jacques)