Heart Home meets... Jo Cave


It's always wonderful to share new emerging talent on the Heart Home blog, and this week Heart Home meets a lovely lady who most certainly qualfies.

Jo Cave is currently a freelance styling assistant, but mark my words, she'll be a fully fledged and in-demand interior stylist before you know it!

You only have to look at her test shoots to see that she has an eye for a strong modern graphic and a firm handle on one of this years' most important interior trends; neon pastels (my personal favourite!).

With that in mind, I thought we'd get in quick and find out just how she has got where she is today, and what heady heights she hopes to scale...

{Photography by Jon Aaron Green}


I'm still getting started... I went to University and studied a subject that ended up having no relation to what I'm doing now (Radio Broadcasting!), which I guess in a round about way helped me to use my imagination. After finishing my course and later realising my passion was in all things visual, I interned for a couple of years at a number of companies and magazines where I came across some wonderful people who helped to shape my career path and gave me some priceless advice. I then began freelancing as an assistant (which I still do and enjoy) but was recently given an opportunity to style to my very first photoshoot alongside the uber talented Art Director/Stylist Louisa Grey and fantastic Photographer Emma Lee - it was a nerve-wrecking but fabulous experience!

There's so many things that I love but I guess my style leans towards being more modern and graphic. I love geometrics shapes, bold colours, clean lines, mixing genres and unexpected elements. For future projects I'd like to experiment more with pattern so I'm looking forward discovering this Summer's trends.

{Photography by Jon Aaron Green}

From a mixture of places – ususally when I don't have a pen, scrap of paper or my phone nearby to jot down something down that will later make no sense to me anyway! Inspiration can be really exciting, it can come to you and then go in a flash... I often find it when talking with people, they will mention an angle of something that I've not thought of before which then creates a kind of snowball of ideas - I admit, sometimes utter rubbish ones!

It's funny how the first things that come to mind are the most embarrassing or hair-raising, but in general I've loved any opportunity I've had to get out of the city. Don't get me wrong, I love London, however you can't beat being near the coast or in the countryside – it makes it difficult to call it work!

{Photography by Jon Aaron Green}

Add plants! It's amazing what a touch of green can do, I do love flowers but plants win on the longevity stakes, plus a token cactus makes an impact but doesn't need much attention.

There are so many, I wouldn't want to name an individual company. I'm a huge fan of Scandinavian design - everything from their interiors down to their packaging is so well thought through - so doing a job where I get to work with products and props I love is always a dream. I went to Sweden last summer and while I was there I couldn't stop snapping away at everything I saw, simple but clever design – I guess that's why Ikea is so successful!

{Photography by Jon Aaron Green}

I have admired each Stylist I've worked with for various different reasons as this styling malarky isn't as easy as they make it look! In particular Susie Clegg and Louisa Grey are two very hard working Stylists who have taught me a lot about what it takes; I love how their work displays a real effortless style! If I'm to think outside of the UK I would have to say Lotta Agaton, Tina Hellberg and Penillle Vest for creating such scrumptious images.

{Photography by Jon Aaron Green}

The idea of creating rather than just consuming. I enjoy witnessing a thought evolve into a photograph and the idea of having something to show for all your hard work that you can keep forever.