Heart Home meets... Marie Nichols

I'm really lucky to have had the chance to assist some of the most creative, talented and inspiring interior stylists in the UK, and one of the most down-to-earth and truly lovely has to be Marie Nichols.

As the author of the delectably beautiful blog, Whole Lotta Lovely, Marie shares her style ideas for magazine shoots with her readers, taking them on an inspirational journey from first inception through her initial ideas, moodboards and sketches to the final styled shots that pepper all your favourite interior publications with her quirky English sense of style.

{Australian House and Garden}

Now back in the UK after a year spent styling her way around Sydney, Marie seems to be busier than ever, styling for some the UK's most respected titles, while still finding time to marry her ever-supportive boyfriend AND prepare for the launch of her online venture, The Shop at Number 57, which promises to be full of "nice stuff" - and with Marie's eye you know you can count on that!

With all that going on I wonder how she ever found the time to answer my questions, but being the lovely person that she is, she did!

{Ideal Home, photography by Mark Scott}

From the age of about 14 I decided that I wanted to be an interior designer and while studying for A levels I started working part time at a local interior design studio. At that time Interior Design degrees all seemed to be about interior architecture rather than the “Pretty bits” that I enjoyed so I decided to follow another passion and studied for a degree in photography. I discovered styling by accident really! After graduating I arranged work experience at an interiors magazine, I hadn’t ever really heard of a stylist (it was way back when blogs didn’t exist and the world of magazines was still somewhat of a mystery to the masses!) I thought that I wanted to be an Art director but was placed within the Style Department of BBC Good Homes magazine and discovered my dream job as a stylist. I then started freelance assisting for an amazing stylist, Lucyina Moodie, and after a year of working with various stylists across a range of titles I landed my first job at Ideal Home.

{Ideal Home}

I always find it so hard to answer that question! So I’ll say eclectic! I love all things vintage but I also love doing really contemporary stuff too. I do love colour and pattern and my work and my own home tend to reflect that.

Absolutely everywhere, from the obvious places such as magazines (especially Scandinavian and Australian titles) blogs and Pinterest, to shop windows; museums; films; things I might see when walking the dog! I have my camera in my bag at all times to snap anything that inspires me.

{House Beautiful, photography by Mark Scott}

Deciding to leave my job as a stylist in London and move to Sydney to work as a freelance stylist. Rocking up with just a suitcase, and my very supportive man (who became my setbuilder, assistant and courier!). It was like starting from scratch but was so amazing and the most inspiring thing I’ve ever done.

A simple colour change can give a room a completely different feel. A lick of paint or a new wallpaper is a simple and relatively inexpensive transformation. I believe the best interiors evolve over time. I always start by painting a room white and gradually over time I introduce different colours, patterns and textures.

{House Beautiful, photography by Mark Scott}

Gosh I don’t know but it would probably involve a fabulous location in the sunshine!

Glen Proebstel is an amazing stylist based in Melbourne, I love his work and definatly have a case of style envy when I flick through his portfolio.

{Ideal Home,  photography by Mark Scott}

Pretty much everything! I love interpreting a brief, putting together schemes and moodboards and then seeing it all coming together on the shoot. I’m really lucky to have a job that I love.