Heart Home meets... Raina Kattelson

I first "met" Raina Kattelson early in 2010 when we both "attended" Holly Becker's Blogging Your Way course. I use quotations because, of course, Holly's course was taught entirely online, and while myself and Raina ended up bonding over our mutual stylist occupations we've never actually met "in real life" (!)

I'm hoping all that will change next week when I cross the pond with Heart Home editors Arianna and Carole for Blog Tour NYC, but in the meantime, in anticipation of a meeting of creative minds at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, Raina has answered a few of my questions here today...

{photgraphy by Emily Anderson, for Rue Magazine}

I went to design school and although my major was fashion, I also took classes in interior and display design.  I came out of college and started my own company designing and manufacturing high end kids clothes.  After several years of that I  realized what really interested me was the image.  At the time I was still more attracted to fashion and I started calling up any fashion stylist who's work I admired asking if I could assist.  I soon started getting my own work. In college what had seemed unfocused taking different classes all made sense when I put it together with styling.  Eventually I moved more towards interior and still life styling, though I still love fashion.

{photography by John Gruen}

Casual, eclectic, graphic, colourful.  That said, a part of this job is being flexible and working in a range of styles that suit that particular client and product.  One day I am creating an environment for a product, the next working with an interior designer or magazine and need to make my touch feel seamless with the designer's asthetic.

Movies, art, travel, books, dreams… inspiration is everywhere.

{photography by John Gruen for Maeve Magazine}

There was the time we had to go back into a house to get a few additional shots the editor wanted.  But we arrived to find that the shoot had been double booked with a fund raising gala.  It really tests your creativity- not to mention your patience - when you have to set up a shot that somehow misses the huge white tent and all the caterers franticly running back and forth to set up.  And with each minute the light keeps changing because of an approaching hurricane that looks as though it might crash the event!  In the end it just adds to the crazy wonderfulness of the job.

Well anyone who follows me know's I am a paint-o-holic, there is nothing like pulling out a can of paint for a quick and easy change.  New bedding is another fabulous refresher.  And few new bits from the flea market never hurts!

{photography by John Gruen for Davistudio}

Anything that involves travel to an new and interesting place is always high on my list.  Add in a talented photographer and it's a dream job!  I love English design magazines so shooting for Living etc. and Elle Decoration would be gob smackers!!

I think Sibella Court is a genius - but then who doesn't?  Lili Dialo's work feels so effortlessly chic. Emily Chalmers has such a great color sense, in fashion there is no one as brilliant as Grace Coddington.
{photgraphy by William Brinson for Rue Magazine}
I love that everyday is different and brings new challenges. Being able to work collaboratively with so many talented photographers, designers and artisans is a pretty fabulous way to make a living.  At the end of the day it never feels like work.  Getting to spend time in some amazing spaces does't hurt either!