Heart Home meets... Susie Clegg

With an extensive styling porfolio that even includes a Royal commission, Susie Clegg is a stylist with a very enviable client list, having styled catalogues for Oliver Bonas, Habitat, John Lewis and Marks and Spencer amongst many others.

The interplay between colour and shape in her work always fascinates me, and her portfolio is peppered with clean contemporary lines and a liberal use of colour, always drawing you right into the centre of a shot, and making her very sought after within the industry...

{Oliver Bonas, photographed by Carolyn Barber }

I credit an old friend to getting me into styling who came home one day from work and said, β€˜I met a girl today, her job was a Stylist, she makes things look pretty and shops a lot, I think you would be good at that!’ I never looked back! Simple and uncluttered, with a splash of colour

{Photographed by Kate Davis}

Everywhere, I love my Iphone, as I always see things in the most unexpected places and it is great now to have a instant way to capture things. One of them would be styling an event at Buckingham Palace recently, it was amazing to be there, everyone was lovely, the event was a success so it was a great day topped off with Royal approval.

{M&S, photographered by Adrian Briscoe}

Less is more, live with a space before you fill it. The royal appointment was not bad, other than that anything that involves travel really I love to combine my job with some guaranteed sunshine.

{Anthony Burrill Still Life, photographered by James Gardiner}

Stylists that create out of the ordinary shoots, that really push the boundaries and make you look at everyday objects in a different way. Apart from the whole job, I have always been a chatterbox and a bit nosey so meeting lots of different people and seeing some amazing places that most people would not get the chance to see is great.