Heart Home meets... Victoria Fitchett

I'm really lucky to have worked alongside stylist Victoria Fitchett back in the days when we were both fledgling assistants, and I've been delighted to see her career going from strength-to-strength in the past few years. Just look at all the fabulously inspiring shots below!

Her natural style is wonderfully eclectic and I'm always amazed at the beauty of the juxtapositioning in her shots; antique pieces livened up with modern touches, quirky angles or blocks of colour, but all in quite muted subtle tones with delightful little hints of pattern.

Want to find out how she does it? Read on!

{photography by Dan Duchars}

I started out in television as an art department runner, dressing sets, buying and making props etc, mostly for police dramas, so lots of blood and gore! The hours were very long and I was often away from home, so my two brothers (who are photographers), suggested I give interior styling a go. Similar sort of skills to the TV work, but less gore! I then started as a freelance assistant stylist as well as completing an internship at Elle Decoration magazine.  It kind of went from there really!!

{photography by Michael Pilkington}

Ooh! I’m not good at answering this question! I suppose I’m always drawn to using calm subdued colours with a similar tonal palette.  I like mixing old and new products and always try to add the odd quirky touch too.   Sometimes I’m not always allowed…but I still try!!


{photography by Michael Pilkington}

Everywhere! I never seem to have enough time to watch enough films, but I often find myself looking at the sets/scenery in films more than the acting!! Also I find paintings hugely inspiring. If not the subject, then often the colour palette.

{photography by Natalie Dinham}

I once had to collect and have in my care for a week a beautiful silver convertible E-type Jag!  It was for a shoot in the countryside which involved lots of wedding shots and they needed a wedding car! I had to drive it home to London every night with the top down! It was a lot of fun!

Hmm…I think a good old de-clutter once in a while is a very good idea, not only to get rid of unwanted accessories, but also to see your rooms stripped back to their basics. Having a move around of furniture or a change of lighting is always a fun and relatively cheap way of obtaining an update.

{photography by Graham Atkins-Hughes}

I’m a HUGE fan of Anthropologie! It would be a dream to be involved with something they did.  I love the way they put their catalogues together and also all the wonderful and quirky ideas they have in their shops. Always very inspiring.

I was fortunate enough to assist the lovely Faye Toogood for about 2 years. Her ideas are always incredible and she always just seemed to make the impossible – possible! I also lovely Lesley Dilcock’s work.

{Homes and Gardens, photography by Laura Edwards}

That every job is different! I love the variety of the work.  One day you could be handling incredibly old antiques in a beautiful old house, the next hanging twenty neon light bulbs from the ceiling of a grubby old shed! It’s never dull that’s for sure!!