Holloways of Ludlow celebrating 27 years

After putting together the feature for Sophie Paterson in Issue 1 of Heart Home magazine, I was really struck by how beautiful the pendant light in her hallway looked. So, I went looking to find where I could buy this, and more importantly where to help you all thinking the same thing. sophie paterson holloways of ludlow

Holloways of Ludlow have been in business for 27 years. Bringing their experience of designing classic, timeless lighting and fixtures for the home, such as the Small Crystal ball pendant from Sophie's house.

And to celebrate their 27 years of success, they are offering Heart Home readers a 27% discount on its favourite 27 interiors products up until the 30th September 2011.

holloways of ludlow crystal pendant balls



holloways of ludlow Tolomeo Mega

holloways of ludlow SWAN LAKE

holloways of ludlow Paris Bath

holloways of ludlow Lampetta pendel