Home Decor - The Right Tone


Room décor plays an important part in our daily lives. The colour scheme in any given room can affect our mood and outlook on a situation. A doctor’s waiting room is usually clean and white, subliminally assuring patients that their health can and will improve after a visit here. Playrooms are bright, often covered with displays of children’s artwork and learning resources to spark imagination and encourage children to be creative.

Different patterned wallpapers can be fun to use together.

In your house, it’s important to get the right tone for the room you’re decorating. Do-it-yourself is more prevalent than ever with the dawn of website such as Etsy and StumbleUpon, which provide the perfect forum for budding decorators to share their ideas.

Use Books as wall decor by laying them flat on narrow shelves.

Personalised wallpapers give you the chance to really make a wall your own, utilising favourite images or even innovative bespoke graphic designs drawn by the decorator themselves. More rustic, adventurous types might try their hands at customising found objects such as drift wood or scrap metal to hang as a feature on a plain painted wall.

Pretty artwork can brighten up a white room.

A blank canvas can be a great way of channelling your personality and sharing a small part of yourself with the rest of the world. Why not try painting with a partner or a friend? Challenge them to a portrait-off and hang them side by side as a completely unique tribute to your relationship.

Can’t decide on a colour? Why not gather paint swatches and hang them in a neat colour spectrum – guaranteed to get people talking! For further ideas on wall décor have a look at books on home design.

Photography by Mark Bolton