Home Tour: Tina Ramchandani


Today Heart Home takes a tour around the home of interior designer Tina Ramchandani. With an impressve portfolio, Tina runs Tina Ramchandani Creative, a Manhattan-based interior design firm founded on functionality and fueled by aesthetic drive. TinaApartment-034-Print

Tina is also the founder of Life in Sketch, an internationally recognized interior design blog where she shares what inspires her in the world of design at large, from her daily experiences in New York to her extensive travels abroad.


Tina lives in a 1000 square foot, one bedroom apartment in Tribeca, Manhattan with her husband, Ajay.  They've lived here since they got married 5 years ago and have loved turning it into a home. 'Instead of completely designing my own home myself, I enlisted my husband's help, so we feel as though we've actually built it together. We've decided on each piece in our home together, which means we both feel really good about coming home at the end of the day'.



Tina and Ajay  love to travel and take vacations as often as they can. While exploring the world they make it a point to collect art, books and accessories. 'Each piece we bring home has a story, and it's wonderful to see these pieces surrounding us'.


When it comes to colour they both see eye to eye and love having a a neutral palette in their home. After a busy day, especially a day of designing for others, I like to relax in a space that is serene, yet stylish, and beautiful to look at.



When designing their home, one of the most important factors for Tina and Ajay was that it had to be comfortable. This was essential as having a big family and many friends they love to entertain informally. 'We wanted to create a space that everyone felt comfortable in, and that was suitable for large groups'.



Images by: trappleton.com. Visit Tina on tinaramchandani.com and design blog lifeinsketch.com