How to achieve a five-star lounge

If you’re going up in the world and you’ve decided it’s high time you and your family luxuriously revamped your lounge, there are going to be a few things you need to consider before embarking on a possibly haphazard redesign. Fail to prepare and prepare to waste quite a lot of money and plenty of effort. As with most ventures taken in life, achieving a five-star lounge requires some serious planning beforehand. Nothing stings more than realising that you have to undo the work you’ve poured your heart, soul and cash into.

So what are some of the key things to consider if you want to create a five-star living room for you and your family?

jon-day © Jon Day

Don’t spend unnecessarily

This is the first rule that you must stick by at all costs, no pun intended. Sure, you want to design a five-star lounge for you and yours. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to clean your bank account out, though.

For instance, instead of just spending thousands upon thousands on an über-luxury sofa prioritise comfort and shop around for sofas you will love to spend time lounging on. There’s no harm in looking at the high-end furniture –it can be quite exciting, and great for inspiration – but there’s no shame in opting for similar models that offer the same comfort at a fraction of the cost.

You can get some great sofas from Sainsburys, for instance, instead of buying them from luxury dealerships.

james-balston © James Balston

The TV

You may aspire to having a living room where you can read and converse without the interruption of the box, but the fact is, unless you can spare another reception room, a television is a major living room consideration.

There’s nothing like a nice, big flat-screen HD TV to watch your favourite shows on, and they cost less than ever. With the advent of Smart 3D TVs and the announcement of OLED TVs this year, all the older models – which are still perfectly fine and still radiate amazing quality – are now being sold for slightly less.

Do some shopping around; you’ll be surprised at the bargains you’ll be able to find for a new, snazzy HD TV.

laura-aziz © Laura Aziz

A glorious sound system

If you’re really going to push the boat out, don’t forget about matching picture quality with sound quality. You can pick up sleek surround-sound systems at affordable prices nowadays. But you shouldn’t just focus on the sound your TV makes if you’re serious about music, entertaining, or just creating a relaxing environment, you will want quality speakers in your luxury living space.

Of course, nothing stings your ears worse than when your crappy speakers start distorting and spitting static. Nothing’s tackier than getting onto your knees and fiddling with the wires for ages while your dinner party guests giggle at you.

What you want is a state-of-the-art sound system that you can seamlessly operate with a remote control, with speakers that exude dulcet tones from all corners of the room. Get a specialist over to decide what’s right for you and your room’s acoustics.

penelope-wincer © Penelope Wincer

Perfect Lighting

What’s the point having a luxury living room if you can’t show it off to anybody? Your living room needs some stylish lighting to accentuate the decoration and aid its functionality – giving you focussed light to read or show off art, or allowing you watch a movie with the main light switched off.

If you’re working with a space that’s smaller than you’d like it to be, lighting it the right way can make it seem larger, especially when you use this idea with mirrors and windows.

Stylish lighting on its own can add a whole different quality to the room. Check out some bespoke light-fittings to see what fits well with your aesthetic, and don’t forget that a beautiful lamp-shade can make even the most basic lamp seem luxurious.

robertas-riabovas © Robertas Riabovas

Finishing touches

A coffee table is essential. You need a good, solid surface to place your drinks on, and there’s no better place to store a bit of reading material or lay your iPad down.

Think about the flooring too. There’s a growing trend for hard surfaces like wood or even tiles and there’s no doubt these can work wonderfully. But don’t forget a gorgeous rug to tie the room together.

And once the floor is sorted consider your walls. You may well have art you want to hang on the walls – and nothing is classier than some well-chosen paintings or photos – and then there’s your book collection. If you can manage it, source suitable book shelves or have a carpenter fit them for you.