How to add depth with a wall mural

Wallpaper has been very popular again for some time now with occasional reports that it has fallen out of fashion again. I think the great thing about wallpaper is that there are no set style to it so how it can fall out of fashion, I do not know. So when I came across Photowall I was pleased to see some great ideas for feature walls in the shape of a mural. I'm not one who would bring a Vegas skyline in to my living room, but I could quite easily be tempted with a whitewashed wooden panel wall. Where I think these wall murals really come in to their own is in offices as this is a great way to add some much needed depth to the rooms. They are usually functional, untidy rooms so drawing the attention towards something pretty seems to make sense.

I love how easy it is to get a price for the wall murals - they have made it really easy to choose what you want and auto-update the price. I'm often put off by custom products as they are complicated and require calling someone.




Take a look at their London wall murals or musical themed murals. For some inspiration, try the most popular wall murals for ideas.