How to create a New York loft style kitchen

Black has always been a stylish staple for the wardrobe, but how can this dark mysterious hue translate to the kitchen? Here we have taken inspiration from the style of a New York loft. The skyline of Manhattan might not be the view from your window, but if you have exposed brickwork or great lighting then this look will fit right into your home. New York loft style black kitchen

Black is a very strong colour and there is a fine balance between it dominating the room and enhancing it, be picky with your styling and use with warmer tones like light browns and greys to keep it homely.

The New York loft is a mixture of modern minimalist style with unique and bold features like the mason jars. Think classy Sinatra style, whisky on the rocks and late brunches.

Look for quirky details like the South American clock, add personality with items like this to ensure the black is fun and not gloomy. High gloss surfaces will add to the big city glamour with black ovens and fridges to keep the continuity.

Cream walls will ensure the room is looking bright and airy. Remember less is more, so invest in quality items.

New York loft style black kitchen colours

Black Electric Oven from Appliances Online Black Chair from Curious Sofa Rolling Pin from Brenda Watts South America Wall Clock from Castle Home Ware Salt and Pepper Shakers from Brooklyn rehab Brooklyn letterpress Postcard from paperpressny Mason Jar Chandelier from BootsnGus Bamboo Chopping Board from Bed, Bath and Beyond