How To Create The Ideal Breakfast Bar


If you haven’t yet set up a breakfast bar in your home, you’re missing out. A well-planned breakfast bar in your kitchen can open up the room and draw your family in, making it a place to gather as well as being functional. colourful-kitchen-kitchen-ideas-bar-stools

Choose a budget

Before making any decisions about your breakfast bar, be sure you’ve established a budget. You can hire a designer to plan everything for you if you are willing to spend that little extra.

If you are budget-conscious, however, you can choose to focus on details like appliances rather than high-cost marble or granite counter tops. Once you’ve established a budget, you’ll have a better idea of what kind of breakfast bar you can realise in your kitchen.


Choose the right purpose

Do you want your breakfast bar to be for cooking, for serving, for eating – or for all three? Determining an appropriate size, material and location for your breakfast bar will depend on you deciding what you want to use it  for.


Choose the right location

Placing your breakfast bar is another challenge. You want it to be separate enough from the rest of your kitchen to be distinct, but integrated enough to be easily accessible to the person cooking. If your breakfasts usually include fried eggs, having the breakfast bar close to the stovetop is convenient. If you want to use your breakfast bar as an eating area as well, placing it as a kind of barrier between the kitchen and dining area will do the trick.


Choose the right equipment

What do you and your family eat for breakfast? Asking yourself this question will help you figure out what equipment you will need. If you’re coffee and tea drinkers, you can combine kettle and coffee machine in an all-purpose device like a Tassimo, which can produce a Twinings or a Cadbury hot chocolate for those who haven’t yet embraced a morning espresso.

Consider niche equipment as well. Waffle makers and blenders for smoothies can serve as fun additions to any breakfast bar.

All images via House to Home.