How to Create the Perfect Modern Bedroom

Style tips on how to design the ideal modern bedroom. From sleek wood effect laminate flooring to contemporary cord-style carpet - finish off the look with a striking faux-leather bed frame or a minimalistic divan bed. The bedroom is one of the most important areas of your home. From getting a relaxing night’s sleep to spending quality time on your own, the bedroom must be a place of comfort as well as style. For some, the two are one and the same because without a modern, stylish bedroom, one cannot get comfortable. We recommend two contemporary bedroom ideas; one full of sleek and sheen interiors and the other full of plush materials and minimalistic surroundings.

Sleek Bedroom Interior

Start from the ground up! Laminate is not only a practical choice but also an affordable flooring type too. Laminate flooring from Carpetright is a popular option and comes in various designs as well as multiple patterns and finishes. They have light wood laminate, traditional oak hues and imitations of dark wooden flooring that looks just like the real thing. So, whatever the look, it is easy to create that ideal bedroom style.

Then, it is the centrepiece of the bedroom that needs to be decided. For a sleek bedroom look, a contemporary Faux Leather bed frame is the number one choice. This seductive bed will compliment the laminate’s sheen bedroom look. By adding metallic decorations and modern artwork, one can really create the ideal modern bedroom finish. It truly is the epitome of a sleek and sheen bedroom interior design.

Minimalistic Bedroom with Texture

Some of us prefer comfort over style, but why do we have to compromise? We do not. A modern relaxing bedroom can be designed with soft cord-style carpet. Thinking on the practical side; a thick carpet will increase a bedroom’s insulation, which is ideal for those who get cold easily. Also, this type of loop pile carpet will feel fabulously luxurious underfoot; it is flooring that one can really sink their feet into.

Add a Divan storage bed to compliment the textured carpet and de-clutter the bedroom with its extra storage space to create a minimalistic interior look. Use glamorous bold colours to keep with the contemporary bedroom theme or add floral décor for that finished chic look.

Individuals must be comfortable in their bedrooms so it should also be styled to taste. With our two very different modern bedroom suggestions, one can create either a minimalistic or a seductive look. Whichever the style though, be sure to complete it with unique and creative decorations. All this hard work that we put into designing our ideal bedrooms, it is no wonder that we spend a third of our lives in bed. We, no doubt, simply admire our boudoir in the comfort of our beds.