How to Eat Slowly – Reconnecting with our Food

How many times have we picked up some packet of fresh peas for them to taste of expensive cotton wool, or read a newspaper telling us to eat margarine, and then butter, then back to some Low Fat Spread which will cure Cancer and change our car spare wheel, only to then be told it may give us heart disease?

I’ll be writing each week about a new way of Eating – the very oldest way – called Slow Food. Eating food in season - maybe even grown at home (even if a window box) - using ingredients that our Grandmothers would have recognised: from Blackcurrants to Arbroath Smokies, Pork Chops to what to feed the kids in thirty minutes. Flat.




Slow Food is the opposite of Fast Food Culture, of bolting food as fuel – I’ll be exploring the pleasures of the table with friends, the odd recipe, a little urban gardening, even exploring the oral food histories which help put the Great into Britain.

Leave me a comment with your own recipes and family traditions – it’s time to sit at the communal table, and break some (home-baked) bread.

Until next Friday – have a delicious week.