How to Eat Slowly – Tomato Feast

When thinking of tomatoes we think of the high summer sun, but every year that passes we forget that actually they are truly at their peak much later, with the first fruits appearing properly now in August. tomatoes-on-bush


Home-grown tomatoes are a revelation to those used to eating a hard crisp tasteless supermarket fruit. Warm from the sun, fudgy to the touch, these fruits are deeply herbal in fragrance and drip their juice. I grow multiple varieties outside here in London, from Tiger, to Pink Banana to Russian Blacks. The names are as exotic as the colours – from vivid yellow, through cerise and a deep muddy brown.


Now is the time to feast on them – don’t store them in the fridge (chilled, they are robbed of their flavour, instead keep them in your fruit bowl, or on the kitchen counter), and be heavy handed with the sea-salt which they lap up. A scattering of minced garlic and perhaps some chopped herbs (Here I grow purple basil especially for eating with Tomatoes – but regular basil, and even thyme all work well) and you have a simple, but deeply satisfying feast.