How to Get Your Home Ready for Extra Guests this Christmas

Many of us have to accommodate extra guests and family at holiday times and with a few simple preparations now we can ensure that it is a stress free time for all.

  1. Clear out the spare bedroom. It may be a dumping ground for 360 days of the year but your guest don’t want to be sharing it with last years magazines, out of season clothes and the ironing pile. Check out The Glitter Guide for tips on how to create a welcoming guest bedroom.

The Glitter Guide

Photography: Kate Ann Photo  Styling: Caitlin Moran

2. Make sure the dining table is big enough for all of your brood. It may be worth investing in something bigger now or a table that extends while there is still time for delivery before Christmas.

Galaxy White High Gloss Extending Dining Set from FADS

Galaxy White High Gloss Extending Dining Set from FADS

3. A set of nesting tables are always handy when extra guests are in the house. They take up minimal room and can be pulled out when needed. They also come in all styles and price ranges to suit your decor and budget.

Nest of Tables from FADS

A selection of nesting tables from FADS

4. There might even be time yet for a quick spot of decorating. It only takes a couple of rolls of wallpaper to create a feature wall and the lift it will give your home will be priceless.

FADS wallpaper

FADS wallpaper

5. And now all of the hard work is done, it’s time to sit back and enjoy yourself with a glass of something festive while the family entertain themselves!

To help us all out at this expensive time of the year FADS are giving us the chance to win a £100 voucher as part of their ‘Winter Warmer’ campaign.


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