How to install a wood floor starting in the centre of the room

One of the more complex ways to install wood flooring is to avoid starting in any one corner which will always give an uneven distribution of the flooring. Instead, by starting in the centre of the room makes the wood flooring more evenly distributed. ukflooringdirect

Not all wood flooring needs to be installed starting against a wall and working your way across to the other side. Parquet floors are installed from the centre of the room and working outward to give a more interesting pattern and also makes installation a bit easier.


When installing parquet wood flooring, it is very easy to make mistakes, so purchase 5% more flooring than you'll actually need , as we all know how easy it is make mistakes! But the best part is if you do eventually have leftovers, you can save it for future repairs as wood colors are sometimes difficult to match. Hurrah!


Step 1: leave your flooring in the room where it will be installed for 24 hours acclimatise to temperature and humidity, making it easier to work with. Who knew! Line the floor with asphalt paper before you start, to prevent against moisture ruining the hardwood.

Step 2: Measure and find the centre of the room. Lay out your tiles without adhesive first so you can be sure of where you want them. Once you are sure of your placement, spread your adhesive material out on the area of the floor you're working on with a trowel.

Step 3: Place the tiles over the adhesive. Do not allow it to dry before placing the tiles down. Remember, the first tiles placement is very important because it will effect the entire floor installation.

Step 4: Work in areas from the centre to the wall and come back to the center to start another area when the pattern has been laid correctly. Repeat these steps until the room is complete. It is important not to hammer the tiles as it could cause damage. Do not remove the layer of film over the tiles, because this will come off when it is sanded.