How To Plan For Your Next Home Improvement Project

Photographed by James Balston for Heart Home mag

With Christmas only around the corner now is a manic time for many people – there are meals to plan, presents to buy and last minute jobs around the house to fix. Rather than trying to rush or squeeze in a last-minute home improvement task why not take this time to plan for the next one. To avoid the stress and make your next DIY job an enjoyable one plan ahead by keeping the following in mind:

Start a file

If you’re still in the deciding phase of a decorating project then why not keep a file of all your ideas, colour samples, fabric swatches etc. If you’re searching for ideas online why not keep a board on Pinterest filled with your inspiration - this allows you to keep track of ideas and add to it as the months go by.

Photographed by Jon Day for Heart Home mag

Decide on a date…

…and stick to it! There are some home improvement tasks that remain forever on the to-do list but never get done. Having an end goal for the task will give you the motivation you need to accomplish the task.

Also, consider the type of task and if there’s an appropriate time of year when it would be best to carry this out. For example, repainting a wall can take place at any time of year but giving your deck a new lease of life with a coat of decking stain will perhaps be best carried out during drier months.

Work out your budget

With loads of DIY gadgets and tools on offer it’s easy for home improvement tasks to get out of hand. To avoid going over budget with your upcoming home improvement project do your sums earlier rather than later. Make a list of all the possible costs, whether you’ll need to hire outside help (especially if this is a bigger home remodelling project), tools etc.

Photographed by James Balston for Heart Home mag

Make a list of tools/materials you’ll need

Make a list of the tools you’ll need for the job – both the ones that you already own and the ones that you’ll need to purchase. However, make sure to thoroughly read up on the task at hand to make sure that you don’t buy any tools unnecessarily (we know how tempting those DIY warehouses can be!) If you require some materials make sure you shop around to find good quality ones such as Ronseal’s floor paint. That way you know the finish of the job will be of a high standard.

Know what you’re doing from start to finish

To avoid a DIY disaster, make sure you understand the full process of your future home improvement task. There are plenty of online guides and videos that will help guide you through the procedure.

Photographed by Laura Aziz for Heart Home mag

Sort your daily routine

If you’re planning on a bathroom or kitchen makeover you’ll need to take your downtime into consideration. Work out how long you’re going to be without the services and find alternatives accordingly. For example, if you’re going to be without a shower/bath what are you going to do in the interim? Use this time to plan effectively and source an alternative.

Keep these things in mind and your next DIY task will be plain sailing!

All images are from Heart Home magazine.