I love my Mum

Its 10 Days and counting till Mothers Day. I’m sure like me you are being bombarded by adverts in store, on TV, in magazines and mailers in your inbox telling you to make this day special for your Mother. Personally I believe we should be thankful for our Mothers all year round but we live in a world where “Hallmark holidays” are fully embraced. That’s not to say that Mothering Sunday didn’t exist before the big commercial push of recent times, or that its not a wonderful opportunity to make our Mothers feel special for one day. It just feels more and more that the purpose of the day has been lost somehow. Rather than to commemorate a traditionally significant event it’s become about sending a gift and a greetings card and abdicating responsibility. Cake for Mothers Day

So if you don’t want to just “tick a box” here are a few things to consider

  • Make your mum breakfast in bed – obviously only works if you live at home or are visiting
  • Create your own card – make it special and add glitter like you did when you were little
  • Cook Sunday lunch for the whole family – get everyone together and relax
  • Bake her a cake – whilst your culinary skills may be no match for your mothers she’ll love the thought and effort you’ve made
  • Make your own bouquet of flowers – they don’t have to be from the florist. Think about making paper flowers (there are lots of websites with templates) or maybe drawing a bunch of flowers

Flowers for Mothers Day

  • Take your Mum on a day trip or better still a weekend away – spend time with your Mum by doing something she’ll love. It might be a visit to a museum or a long bracing walk in the woods or the beach. Or may be its something more adventurous like paragliding on the South Downs, climbing Snowdonia or even going to a concert.
  • If you’re time pressured or live far away – Make sure to call. Set aside some time and do it first thing and not after you’ve been reminded by the adverts!

Breakfast for Mothers Day I love my Mum_Mary Middleton Design

And don’t get me started on giant chocolate Easter Eggs... Template for creating the paper flowers seen here Image source 1, 2, 3, 4