Ideal colour schemes for cellar guest bedrooms

Guest bedrooms based in the cellar can sometimes feel quite claustrophobic and dark, as often there is not much natural light available. However, a carefully chosen colour scheme can help make a cellar conversion feel as warm and friendly as any other bedroom in the house. If you do have a window or door in the cellar, then try and make the most out of the natural light. Avoid having heavy draped curtains or netting and instead opt for blinds which will allow you full access to the natural light. If you have a window that lets in light from above (these are often found in terraced houses where the window is part of the pavement), then you can accentuate the light by adding additional spotlighting in the cove. This not only creates the feeling of extra light – but can create a nice cosy space for a seating area too.

When choosing a colour scheme, go for bright and bold colours. Whites, creams, yellows and baby blues work well with accents of colour used throughout the rest of the room to make it feel warm and homely. Remember, this room will probably have the lights on most of the time – which means you can afford to be brave with colour and do not have to stick to plain colours. Going for a rich red, or golden colour can work really well as long as it is combined with the right kind of lighting. Rich colours can create a wonderfully warm atmosphere – perfect for guests to feel right at home. With a basement bedroom, be fearless! Take more risks as they are likely to pay off and are much more likely to work than perhaps other areas of your home that have more light and therefore can seem more garish.

If you aren’t feeling brave enough to choose a truly bold colour for the walls, then consider using bright colours for your soft furnishings. This can create just as much of an impact and allows you to easily change the colour scheme if you get bored.

If your room has no windows, this often means you’ll have more wall space. Make the most of this by adding feature pieces such as illuminated letters, a large mirror or a big framed piece of artwork. Again, this gives you the opportunity to choose bright colours and coordinate with the rest of the room. Alternatively, you might consider creating a feature wall. As well as the traditional wallpaper feature wall using bold print patterns you could also try something innovative such as a feature wall made up of framed photographs, wall stickers or even a feature storage unit.

Creating the right ambience for your guest bedroom can sometimes be costly, especially if you need to put your hand in your pocket for new lighting as well as paint, wallpaper and furnishings. Budgeting for this project ahead of time can save headaches down the line. Whether you look into small loan options or use savings to pay for the project, it's useful to plan your costs carefully.

This guest post was written by Fran Swaine on behalf of Money Matters, the Sainsbury's Bank blog.