Ideal interior design options: sofas

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We take a look at some easy-to-achieve furnishing tricks with Laura Ashley Thanks to a wide range of resources on the internet, as well as television shows which allow viewers to become part of the designing and building process, the basic skills of interior design are very easily accessible in the twenty first century.

Whether you harbour ambitions to be an interior designer or not, it is possible to learn a few fundamental practices which even the most experienced designers rely upon in order to help you furnish your home in a manner that combines utility and aesthetic pleasure.

We thought we’d start with the living room: one of the home’s busiest areas, which can often throw up the most difficulty and variety. Any interior designer will emphasise the centrality of a sofa, or shared seating area as the focus of this space.

Even country houses can take design notes from city living. New York, as a popular city with rather squeezed living space, is a wonderful area to take inspiration from. You’ll find architects, buyers and interior designers come up with really creative ways to renovate a small space, out of necessity as much as imagination!

One trend that is easily adaptable to more rural or suburban settings is the split sofa or seating pods. In the feature above, on, the incorporation of two medium sized white ‘pods’, modeled on a geometric chaise longue design, allows the client to fit the sofas up the narrow stair way – and really dictate the shape and parameters of his open-plan living-kitchen area.

You too can use additions of split sofas to create defined space amidst a larger room. Less airy and more rural spaces – especially those with a cottage aspect – will do well to think about softer lines and smaller components, such as an ottoman or footrest.

Another key note that we can take from the big city designers is parity: being spare and practical with your key components. This is where sofa beds also become a good investment – and why it’s always best to keep living space furniture clean and minimal.

For a signature touch, home furnishings specialists like Laura Ashley provide a made-to-order service which puts the onus on suitability and practicality, as well as providing style. Make sure you have taken a survey of your surroundings first and can provide the craftsmen with the correct statistics.

By allowing you control over measurements and fabric selection, you can create a custom-made sofa bed that will double as a living-room essential and a last-minute guest bed.

Southfield Upholstered 2 Seater Sofa Bed from £750 at Laura Ashley Southfield Upholstered 2 Seater Sofa Bed from £750 at Laura Ashley