Impress Your Guests this Christmas with Crown Paints

With the holiday season drawing ever nearer, now is the perfect opportunity to refresh  your interiors and redecorate – adding a little bit of sparkle ahead of the holidays. 20120910_Crown_LustreMain-0081A_M_39L - 460

We know that picking a new colour scheme can sometimes be tricky, that’s why Crown Paints has pulled together a helpful ‘Christmas Ideas’ board on Pinterest, to give you some colour scheme inspiration that not only looks good at Christmas, but works all year round too.

Providing the perfect background for any Christmas arrangement, Crown offers over 200 matt and silk emulsions from several different colour families – including pastels, whites, neutrals and creams as well as greens, reds and greys.

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And you don’t just have to add colour to your walls, Crown Paints’ mesmerising metallic emulsions are great for creating unique tree decorations. Try adding an element of sparkle by painting baubles, snowflakes and stars – purple Dazzle, golden Millionaire® and blue Vivid are great for this. To see how it’s done, watch Crown’s easy to follow video.

Crown video

Ideal for colder nights during Christmas, Crown’s latest AW13 Colour Influence Lustre combines eye-catching hues of purples, blues and reflective silvers to capture the essence of minerals and metals. Soft lilacs and purple tones are great for walls, adding a hint of subtle glamour – for best results try Sweet Dreams®, Lavender cupcake® or Sweet sherbet®.

Crown_CC_Christmas_Living_Main_RT_cc_sRGB 460

For those who want a more subtle approach to this palette, why not try Sadolin’s rich Jacobean Walnut on floors? It makes a perfect pairing with fresh, cool shades like Etiquette and Satin Jade.

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