Inspiration from traditional Islamic decoration

If you like colour, pattern, and geometry, you'll find nothing more beautiful and inspirational than traditional Islamic art. The stunning and symmetrical architecture and surface design can be found all over the world. But if you can't make it to Turkey, Spain, Morocco, or Iran, you can find the next best thing online. I find Flickr is a great tool when searching for inspirational images, and I've found these lovely examples for this post:



Modern designers and artists have also been inspired by this rich heritage, so you can easily bring it into your home. I love these wooden tiles by the young Dutch designer Charlotte Wagemaker, Although the inspiration is classical, they're made in a innovative way, with laser engraving over layers of painted colour.

Islamic Inspired Titles by Charlotte Wagemaker

For something simpler, what about this Moroccan Tile Large Pendant Shade by London designer-maker Helen Rawlinson, in a vibrant and fresh turquoise. You can buy it from for Β£69.

Moroccan Tiles Lightshade from Helen Rawlinson

Finally, I also like this simple, deep blue linocut print, Β£20 from Donkeystudio on Etsy, which has been inspired by the swirls and stars in traditional Islamic tiles.

Islamic inspired linocut art print