Interview with designer, Laura Felicity...

Laura-Felicity---Geometric-Flower-wallpaper-Lime-&-Hot-Pink I'm delighted to bring to you today an interview with the very talented designer, Laura Felicity, together with examples of her beautiful floral-inspired wallpaper, cushions and prints.

When did you start your business and where are you based?

I started my business officially in April 2010. However, since graduating in June 2009, I've worked as an intern for some well-known designers, including Selina Rose and Catherine Hammerton

I started developing my designs for the Laura Felicity range which enabled me to exhibit them at some lovely small fairs.  This led to my first private residential commission. 

I'm based in North London, which borders on the lovely county of Hertfordshire.

Where do you get your floral inspiration for your designs?

I get my floral inspiration from lots of places.  Magazines, trips to nature reserves and gardens, but in particular I get a lot of my floral inspiration from my walks I do with my two dogs, Millie and Bailey, around the areas where I live. 

Here, I get a feel for the different types of plants and flowers and also the seasonal changes that nature goes through during the year.  So I'm always being filled with inspiration from nature itself.

My next venture is to go down to Columbia Road Flower Market in London to have a wander through all the flower stalls, as this is something I have sadly never done!


What are your plans for the remainder of 2011 & 2012?

I will be taking part in a Winter Pop-Up Shop based at Craft Central, St John's Square, London, which coincides with their Made in Clerkenwell : Winter Open Studios.  I'll be selling my wares along with the likes of Susan Bradley and Esther Coombs and plenty of other fabulous designer-makers, from this Thursday 24th November until Sunday 27th November...a great event for Christmas (and personal) shopping treats.

This will be my last event for 2011, as I'm then off to travel to Sri Lanka for three weeks over Christmas! Even though it's a personal holiday, I'll definitely treat it as inspiration for new drawings and design ideas, as this is a fantastic opportunity to experience and be inspired by a different country’s nature.

In 2012, I'm currently planning to introduce new designs to my homeware range; cushions, lavender bags and cards, and hopefully a new wallpaper design. These will be ready and available at the Pulse Trade Show in June 2012. 

I also have plans to develop the bespoke side of the business, which at the moment is commissioned wallpaper by the metre.  I want to bring in screen-printed fabrics by the metre as well and to introduce an Interior Design service into the Laura Felicity range.


Do you have a favourite flower?

I’ve thought long and hard about this question.  I think my favourite flower is blossom.  It's a beautiful flower on its own, also as a cluster and it reminds me of my favourite time of year, spring. 

It’s the time when the weather is changing from our cold winters to warm summers, the air is still a little crisp yet fresh, you can wear less layers and not have to trouble yourself with wrapping up in gloves, hats and scarves. 

Most of all, I love walking along and seeing the pink or white colour of the infamous spring blooming blossom against the clear blue bright sky.  A fantastic natural colour combination that makes me feel warm and happy inside.


Many thanks for Felicity and I wish her all the very best with this week's Pop-Up Shop at Craft Central.

(Images : Laura Felicity)