Introducing Charlotte Nash Textile Crafts

Charlotte Nash Image Braided Mirror Complete No Reflection - Copy

Charlotte Nash only graduated last year but she has already caught our eye. With her degree was in textile crafts now tucked under her belt she is designing now bold geometric shapes, grids and striped "Aztec" designs for interiors. Charlotte Nash Image Braided Mirror Complete No Reflection

She successfully combines braiding and crochet work with laser and hand cutting techniques, using materials such as foiled leather and mirrored acrylic to further enhance this aesthetic. Matt and lustrous yarns give a new and fresh feel to the final pieces.

Charlotte Nash - Image Light Cords- Image Copyright of Lindsay Broadley

Β©Lindsay Broadley

Initially her work is designed to be bold, bright and chaotic at first appearance but on closer inspection every knot and loop is precise, measured and placed.

Charlotte Nash Image White and Silver Mirror (Detail)

Charlotte Nash Image Brights & Gold Mirror (Detail)

We think you'll be seeing lots more of Charlotte Nash.