Introducing Clio the Muse

Clio the Muse is a new upcycled furniture label created by East Londoner, francophile and canal boat dweller Clio Wood. Reflecting the ever-growing trend towards sustainability Clio's pieces are made by hand from vintage and salvaged furniture turning the previously classic pieces into contemporary treasures.

clio the muse coffee table

The coffee table utilises an outlandishly large drawer and industrial casters to create a useful table, conversation piece and clever display case for art, photographs and postcards.

clio the muse side table

For her unique upcycled pieces Clio scours salvage yards, charity shops, car boot sales, jumble sales and skips.  After cleaning and preparing the surface, she may paint, collage, stencil or draw a design.  Pieces are also re-purposed by 'cutting and pasting' together parts from various different sources.  Creating for example, not only coffee tables from old drawers, but also side tables from old drums, drew tidies from seed trays and seating from wooden waste and offcuts.

clio the muse chest

This clever lady can also build your entire interior design scheme around this process, giving you a perfect home with the least environmental impact.