Introducing La Shuks


La Shuks is a brand new venture by the Brighton based artist Katie Mac, who has embarked upon the latest avenue of her screen printing endeavours.  These new La Shuks prints are big, brightly coloured, and have a certain quality of deliciousness. La-Shuks-Katie-Mac

Katie’s influences come, in equal parts, from her time growing up in the far east, from her travels around the world, and from her obsessive love of the variety and colourful nature of packaging graphics. These striking prints are filtered through and conjured up realizations of these influences.


At once they are beautifully appealing, almost sumptuous, but upon lengthened and further inspections they reveal much more. There are deeper meanings behind these scenes of a wonderfully twisted future reality, and it’s those that make these prints more than just aesthetic pieces. They are delectable, thought provoking slices of visual joy, that would be a positive addition to any room.


Katie is offering these prints for sale on her website: www. La