Introducing the Kids to Your Brand New Kitchen

Installing a brand new kitchen is exciting! For you, it’s an investment that makes cooking and entertaining a pleasure, but as a parent, a new kitchen is an investment in family life. Great recipes are like heirlooms, they travel down the generations and your new kitchen is an opportunity to continue a family tradition or start a new one of your own.

Here are a few tips on how to introduce little ones to your new kitchen and a love of all things food:


Personalised children's baking set from Notonthehighstreet.

Trigger the Imagination

Getting kids interested in cooking means getting them excited about it. When planning a new kitchen, allow some cupboard space in the overall design that’s just for them.

Invest in a new apron, chef’s hat or some personalised cooking equipment that matches your own and before you’ve even lifted your first chocolate chip, you’ve encouraged them to take ownership of their cooking experience and look after utensils too.

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Put Them in Charge

Before trying any recipes, give them a tour of your new equipment and explain what they do. Let them help you set the clock on your new oven, decide where things should be kept in your new cupboards and what recipe you will cook together first.

Any recipe by Annabel Karmel is usually healthy and easy enough but for little chefs who are reluctant, any snack from Roald Dahl’s Revolting Recipes or the Shrek Cookbook is usually enough to get them involved.

Remember that Everything is a Learning Opportunity

Children want to know ‘why.’ Why do you sift flour? Why do you have to separate the egg? Through each stage of the recipe, explain to your child what you’re doing and why it’s important.

On top of that, cooking is a great way to teach them other life skills.

Giving them a shopping budget or letting them count the number of cherry tomatoes in a salad helps with maths. Instructions or packaging labels improve reading ability and writing shopping lists helps with spelling and writing.

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Be Willing to Get Messy!

When you have a pristine new kitchen it can be disheartening to see your shiny new floor tiles, your brand new hob, your worktops or cupboard doors get splattered with ingredients, but the clean-up is a small price to pay for their enjoyment.

For more advice or information on planning a new kitchen that you can inspire your children to cook in, contact the experts at LWK Kitchens who can help you right through the planning, design and installation process.