Introducing The Velvet Lab

TheVelvetLab is a new concept for interior and fashion accessories as it is entirely dedicated to the beautiful and sumptuous fabric that is velvet. This classic tactile fabric is certainly enjoying a renaissance due to its luxurious touch and deep inviting colours and The Velvet Lab have taken full advantage of these unique qualities by producing a contemporary collection that can be individually customised.

the velvet lab 1

the velvet lab 3

Products range from beautiful square or rectangular cushions to classic stools with removable lids, versatile half round stools or sleek cubic stools. Lamp shades are either circular or rectangular and can be singular or double whilst the low loungers can be slouchy beanbag style or modern, sleek and multi functional. There is also a beautiful collection of handbags (not shown).Β  All are colour coordinated in plain matt, plain shiny, crushed, embossed or Jacquard velvet.

the velvet lab 2

the velvet lab 4

Velvet has a history that goes back to Roman times when it was only accessible to the Royals or the very rich. During the Industrial revolution the product became available to a much wider audience, and in the 20th Century became one of the most popular choices for upholstery, soft furnishings and fashion.