Keeping a clutter-free home

Whether you’ve had a home for decades or only a few days, when you’ve got guests round you need to keep them in good hospitality, and that means making sure there’s no crisp packets on the sofa or magazines lying around outside of their proper home (a magazine rack). Even if you haven’t got anybody coming round, it is generally quite nice to be able to sit in a clean environment without having to shove anything out of the way. But you don’t need to be a domestic goddess to be holistic at home. Just a quick vacuum and polish is enough to make sure your mind is at rest and you can move around freely without having to give surfaces a wipe off before using them.


You don’t even have to do that if you don’t want to. But if you don’t want to be constantly fumbling through all your possessions to uncover just one of them, then start organising everything and keeping them in their proper place. Not only will it make the entire house look much neater and tidier, but you’ll know where everything is without having to question or doubt yourself. And nobody likes doing that.

Start by sorting out your hallway so you can arrive back at home from work without having to prop your soaking wet umbrella up against the wall. An umbrella stand would insure you against slipping on lake-sized puddles. Shoe racks and coat stands will also allow you to store your wet things somewhere and keep the rest of your house dry. If you’ve just cleaned up and made your home beautiful again, the last thing you want is to drench everything with wet, muddy footprints.

storage-2 Photograph © Andrew Boyd

Innovate your storage options and protect the rest of your home with a ceiling mounted bicycle rack if you’ve come back from an adventure through the countryside or if it’s been raining (which is highly likely, it’s Britain). You’ve put lots of effort into establishing and maintaining the perfect home that tells people who you are, so why ruin it by dragging in remnants from the elements outdoor? With such clever solutions available to you, you’ll be able to keep track of the more important things in life without worrying about dirt being trodden in from the outside world.

Shelves will add further places for you to keep your things from being left on the floor. Mix with some storage baskets and not only will you be able to keep your possessions in order but you’ll have some attractive items which beautifully accessorise your home. Shelves, storage baskets and storage boxes are suitable for every room too, and as well as suiting a purpose they’re sleek and super-economical with space, so the entire home will be personalised and representative of extremely good taste. It’s never impossible to mix seductive style with functionality.

storage-1 Photograph © DISC Interiors

One of the worst offenders for creating excessive clutter are games, DVDs and CDs, but you can rest assured that there’ll be no media-related mess with some specific media storage. And another culprit around the home for causing messy havoc is the dreaded cutlery drawer. An expanding cutlery organiser will put an end to all your kitchen woes and let you cook up a storm without cooking up a mess along the way.

So if you want to be the king or queen of your palace, you need to make sure your subjects are presentable to foreign dignitaries, aka your guests. But you don’t need to be restricted to only the most lavish and beautiful. A space saver solution would do the job very efficiently and without going overboard on size and grandeur.