Keeping Warm Inside and Out

Us Brits are known for our obsession with the weather and temperature. We spend all winter complaining of being too cold, and all summer (if we get one) of being too hot. So how can we enjoy our homes at their optimum temperature and still maintain their style and character? Inside The easiest way for us to keep warm inside our homes is to have a good central heating system. In many homes these come with unsightly white radiators which we many of us try to cover with radiator cabinets. There are, however radiators out there which are very easy on the eye. If your home is more modern then this contemporary Saturn double radiator from Trade Radiators would fit perfectly and create a real focal point in a room


If you want to maintain a traditional element then this Montpellier cast iron radiator could be a great option.


Outside In Britain we love to make the most of our summer, let’s face it we don’t often get much of one! We love spending all day in the garden, gathering friends and family together for a good BBQ. We are, however not blessed with particularly warm evenings and a patio heater or fire bowl can be a fantastic way of keeping warm.


Others are set in furniture so you can keep warm while enjoying your food.


If you have good, stylish radiators inside your home and a fire pit or patio heater outside you will ensure you’re always warm no matter what the weather.