Know Your Bedroom Style

Choosing a new bed is never an easy decision.  It's an expensive purchase that will need to last for years and most importantly has to be comfortable.  There are types of mattress to consider, storage options, headboard styles, size, and so many other things it's a wonder we ever make that decision at all! It does help to know your bedroom style.

Romantic and feminine.  Choose a curvaceous wooden french provencale type bed.  Even better if the bed you choose has fabric in the headboard and footboard.  Just pile on the plumpest, softest bedding you can find and accessorize with framed flower prints and pretty perfume bottles.

Sleek and masculine.  Choose a leather bed.  Accessorize with chrome lamps, shades of grey and architectural prints.

Can't decide?  Go for a divan.  You can always ring the changes with a quick change of heardboard.  Opt for plush, buttoned velvet, practical wood, country style iron or really make it personal and use one of your salvaged treasures.

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