Laminate Flooring that’s a Little Bit Different

It’s true that laminate flooring usually looks like wood, but while wood-style flooring is perfect for some interiors, it’s far from the only option out there. Floormaker is a UK-based flooring supplier, and their catalogue is positively packed with unusual laminate flooring products that are great for homes that are a little out of the ordinary... Black Glossy

Tiles are a fantastic alternative to wood-look laminates, and this gorgeously glossy black laminate flooring is the perfect example. The reflective veneer can make a room feel extraordinarily spacious; if you want a modern-looking lounge, this is the floor you need. Click here for more details.

Black Maple

Elsewhere in Floormaker’s black laminate flooring range, you’ll find the Cumbrian Maple floor (pictured above), which if anything looks even more cool and contemporary than the glossy tiles do. There’s still a trace of wood-style design, but the deliciously dark finish and the shiny aluminium spacers make this product a different kettle of fish entirely.

White Floor

And if you’re not keen on black laminates, how about this magnificent marble-effect floor? It’s perfect for creating an airy, open feel in the kitchen, but it would look pretty good in the living room or bedroom too.

Rough Pine

Of course, wood-style laminates are still a sensational choice, and many people wouldn’t have it any other way. If you do have your heart set on a wooden-looking finish, the Rough Sawn Pine laminate flooring (see above) is a particularly rustic choice. It’s a godsend for fans of shabby chic design!