Large vs. Small Homes

Homes that belong to those of the rich and famous are usually huge and filled with the most over the top and amazing furnishings and accessories. They have the money to find rare and unusual pieces to really make a statement and wow anyone who enters. Having a large space to work with is easy with lots of money to spend, however small homes filled with cute and quirky accessories can feel more cosy and personal, even when on a budget. So would you prefer to live in a mansion or cottage? Large Homes

The upside to having a huge house is that you have a lot of space to show off your creative side. Matching together items of furniture with accessories is a talent that only some people can do properly, but if you enjoy interior design than having more space to work with will be a lot of fun.

On the down side having lots of space can work against you, if you do not put enough items of furniture into the room it can feel bare and empty. It is more difficult to make a large home personal.

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Small Homes

The positive to having a small home is that it won’t cost much money to make it look nice. You won’t need as many rolls of wallpaper and you will be able to complete it in a much smaller time scale, perfect for giving you more time to settle and enjoy what you have created.

The downside to having a small home is that you might not be able to fit in that gorgeous large dining table you wanted. You may have to compromise on the things you want that are a bit unnecessary. It will also be important to measure up properly as you don’t want to purchase a new corner sofa only to get it home and realise it will not fit.

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One of the main focus points of a room no matter what size it is, is the lighting. From a huge, sparkling chandelier in a huge home to a flush, pretty ceiling light in a small home, you can find the right kind for your space from Arrow Electrical.

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