Les Potagers


This year I have moved house twice.  I have had to garden vicariously.  I cannot recommend it highly enough in the bleak winter.  But now, in the full bloom and boom of summer, I miss having a garden I have sworn and worried over.  Especially as I am deeply in love with the ordered loveliness and utility of the French potager garden.

My favourite potager garden in Plancoët, Brittany, France

A potager is where the beautiful and the useful knock elbows for attention.

Where the beautiful and useful knock elbows for attention

Whatever the location, and the size, many hours of hardwork and diligence ...

...can turn the ordinary...

Hardwork and diligence

...into the extraordinary...


...and with bountiful...




...whatever your taste.

For me the potager is the equivalent of the garden's timeless, classic little black jumper in the back of the cupboard; something that you will always adore and never tire of.

Old fashioned scented tea rose

And with nearly every French garden whose style I covert and yearn for having one, thank goodness I have finally found my feet where they are supposed to be.  For in September, I will take up tools and start my exterior housework involving  tools of moderate threat and danger.  And I will start again. For real.