Lets Talk Biscuits


biscuitBiscuits are my downfall. They are much like your own children in as far as it is impossible to pick a favourite. I have many early memories of biscuits. My earliest and most foggy recollection is of my great-grandmothers biscuit jar; as for my grandparents, I can't recall their biscuit jar, but I do remember their biscuits - Garibaldi or 'posh' biscuits from Marks & Sparks. My childhood biscuit tin was a blue two-tone metal tin from habitat; I recall that we also had a green version of the same tin in which the sugar was kept. I can't remember what I did last week sometimes, but some food memories remain perfectly etched in my mind. Is this normal, I don't know? I also remember an early encounter with Party Rings. I was of tender years and at a friends birthday party. We had a party tea around the dining table and after eating a belly load of sandwiches, crisps and cake everyone got down from the table to play party games. Everyone but me. I stayed sitting at the table, in my floor length synthetic party dress, working my way through a plate of Party Rings. Given the chance, I could still polish off a plate of Party Rings today.

Do you know what the strange thing is? I only bought my first proper biscuit jar last month. Until then, I just used various containers to store my biscuits in; nothing worthy enough of displaying on my open kitchen shelves. I am now the owner of a lovely heavy domed glass biscuit jar. The only problem is that with my biscuits now sitting proudly on display, the temptation to dip my hand in the jar is stronger than ever.

Below are my favourite biscuit tins, barrels and jars; if you still keep your biscuits in a battered old Tupperware container you may find some inspiration.

P.S. Drop by the same time next week, when I shall be sharing one of my favourite biscuit recipes. Be sure to have your biscuit tins at the ready ...

Image via eatdrinkchic.com

Biscuit Jars

1. Bulky Cookie Jar by Mutto £35 www.thelollipopshoppe.co.uk; 2. Cornish Blue Biscuit Storage Jar £40 www.tggreen.co.uk; 3. Typhoon Apple Heart Biscuit Tin £25 www.heals.co.uk; 4. Red Abacus Flower Storage Jar by Orla Kiely £30 www.johnlewis.com; 5. Glass Cookie Jar by HollyAnna £42 www.notonthehighstreet.com; 6. Jubilee Biscuit Tin £15 www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk; 7. Wise Ol' Canister £78 www.anthropologie.eu; 8. 1970's Hornsea Biscuit Jar £15 www.hisforhome.com; 9. Guzzini Biscotti Bowl £15.50 www.redcandy.co.uk