Life in Colour by Block Design

Tara Ashe is the lead designer at Block, a company she founded in 2000, and a company that has a very distinctive style.  It's a company with a love of colour and this passion is the inspiration behind every design. Block Design 1

Back then she had finished a degree in the applied arts which gave her a love of form and proportion. In order to translate this aesthetic into a producible product range she then went on to do an engineering course, which gave her the practical knowledge needed to translate the aesthetic into a working product range.

Block Design 2

"Contemporary design tends to be stark, minimal and in very masculine, corporate colour ways, we want to show that cutting edge design can be produced in confident, modern and trend driven colourways".

Block Design 3

"Colour is the essence of our brand, everything we do is driven by colour. Our colour choices are considered, intriguing, trend driven and brave".

Block Design 4