Light Love – Unusual Materials

I’m always fascinated when unconventional materials and surfaces are used for products. Finding qualities that can be exploited and enhanced.

Benjamin Hubert recently released the Quarry light as part of his installation at Design Junction 2012. These beautiful pendants are made from hand-turned marble and manufactured by De La Espada. There is a remarkable glow through the marble when the light is on and when off it looks well, solid. Backlit marble has been used by many designers in light installations but seeing it used as a pendant is very different.

Benjamin Hubert also created the gorgeous Heavy Lights pendants for Decode London made from a 5mm thin walled concrete. The Heavy Lights come in a range of greys and in two sizes. It’s another example of how a heavy material can illuminate its opposite quality lightness.

Another concrete creation is 'Aplomb' by LucidiPevere for Foscarini  The concrete suspension light takes its cue from the contemporary built environment.  The light is smooth to the touch and is available in three colours: grey, white and a warm brown.

Will any of these be lighting up your life?