Light up my life

I am currently obsessing over wall lights, or as my US colleagues like to call them wall sconces.  They really are the unsung heroes in an interior. They pretend to be purely decorative when in fact they can provide valuable general lighting or indeed can light features or provide light where overhead lighting is difficult, like in a conservatory or stairwell. Given they can direct light into a room at “head height”, wall lights are helpful for filling in when a decorative pendant doesn’t give quite enough light for example where high ceilings are involved.  They also can help to bring balance to furniture and art placement and of course be a feature in their own right. Wall lights come from humble origins, in fact were little more than wall mounted candles used to illuminate rooms pre-electricity. Now a days they come in all shapes, sizes and colours and offer a multitude of options. Art et Floritude at Maison et Objet_Mary Middleton Design This week I met with the team from Art et Floritude, this French company has been in operation since 1850 . Whilst its origins are in traditional metal and porcelain chandeliers and candelabra-style wall sconces, it now has a fantastic contemporary range. patulus Art et FloritudePétale-patulus-Art-et-Floritude I’m particularly taken with Patulus sconce (above image), which creates a warm pleasant glow from the porcelain scales/feathers. The organic movement in the Pandore garland made up of vine leaves (below) has also stolen my heart – if I could just find a project to incorporate it into. Images by Mary Middleton Design and Art et Floritude