Lights For Dark Nights


This weekend the clocks go back and we will see the night come early. We will turn on the lights at 5pm, in a couple of weeks we will turn them on at 4:30 pm, by December it will be dark by 4pm. We will be craving light by Christmas. So let us bring into our house and homes some light with some stunning table lamps. The table lamps will bring the colour and light we will be missing through the dark nights.


And next to our sofas, on our side tables, our desks and bedsides make it a sculptural piece of glass, extruded or blown, shaped to give a little elegance at our elbows.

Bring in some colour in a shade. Light through a blue shade or glass, is close to daylight. Also a relaxing colour, which is good for the end of the day.

Choose a base with form and presence, it will be like adding a piece of sculpture to the room.

And glass, a very good companion to light, a glass base will give a sense of spaciousness, lightness to the room.

Good lighting helps us beat SAD, the seasonal affective disorder, which comes from low exposure to daylight through the winter months. The best thing to avoid SAD is to get outside, go for a walk, a run, ride a bike, visit a park. I think it is as little as 20 minutes of daylight that wakes up the body and raises the level of serotonin. It helps us get through the long dark nights.

The table lamps here are from Porta Romano, Vaughn, Ochre,Β  and India Jane