Little Greene Paints - Highlights Collection

2 - Brighton-Marine Blue

Following the resounding success of its Grey collection, British paint company Little Greene has been considering the next chapter in the Book of Colour for the cutting edge interior designer. These ‘new’ colours were created using natural earth pigments and often contained black, giving a muted quality that is generally associated with what we believe to be ‘true’ historical paint shades, even though this soft quality was frequently the result of ageing on the painted surface rather than the authentic, intended hue.

With so many of us living modern lives in buildings originally designed for a completely different lifestyle, Little Greene is interested in finding ways in which these historical ‘neutral colours’ can remain true to their origins and architecture, whilst forming the basis of contemporary design schemes; not by changing them but by changing the colours used with them.

As Little Greene MD David Mottershead says: “One colour in isolation can be attractive, two in combination can be beautiful and three shades used together can be quite exquisite.”

We couldn't agree more...

15 - Basalt-Orange AuroraBasalt & Orange Aurora

10 - Sage Green- MamboSage Green & Mambo

6 - Grey Teal-MarigoldGrey Teal ,Wood Ash & Marigold

3 - Hicks' BlueHicks’ Blue & Green Verditer

2 - Brighton-Marine BlueCelestial Blue & Marine Blue