Living environment - Setting up the life beautiful

Good interior design is about creating a space that works for you. If you've just moved into your new home and you're faced with the previous owner's unsightly green flock wallpaper, it's not always easy to know where to start. The truth is anyone can create a beautiful home with a little design flair and the right equipment at . Arm yourself with a basic set of decorating tools, like a flat paint brush, masking tape and a paint roller set and you're pretty much kitted out to become a decorating pro.

A good set of decorating tools can last for years, so investing in good quality is always the safest bet. You can use the same brushes and rollers to redecorate when the mood takes you, allowing you to develop your home and keep it up to date with the latest interior trends. If you're not all that confident on the first decorating attempt, then stick to simple wall colours that are neutral, warm and inviting. You can always change or update it, reusing your old equipment to introduce strong colour combinations, when you are feeling a little more daring.

When the job is done, don't forget to add those small, but essential household items, like towels, toilet rolls and cleaning equipment. We often forget that functional items can hold their own kind of raw beauty, so use colour and form to create interesting features out of simple household items. A simple rubbish bin can create a splash of colour in combination with a matching hand towel. In the same way, a dust pan and brush can be used to create a homely look when hung up in a kitchen. Your home is a living, breathing space, and with some thought and a little effort, it can be truly beautiful.