Living the classic neutral style

One of the most-favoured and timeless home styles is the classic neutral style, consisting largely of neutral colours and clear-cut lines. It’s not only the colour of the wall and furniture which contribute to the classic design, but also other accessories and appliances, which underline this neutral look.Accessories in the living room like lamps, electronic devices , ornaments and plants also contribute massively to style. Here are some accessories tips to suit the design of a classically furnished home:

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  • Wooden chairs and pots: In order to keep it natural, wooden furniture and accessories are a good choice. The variety is huge. Very stylish wooden chairs can give a warm touch to rooms and wooden pots for flowers underline the natural aspect. For a rustic look, raw materials such as logs can be a great option.


  • Despite the natural look, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to find a way to integrate modern technology into the home – phones, computers, electric lights, television sets, and so on. So as to keep with the style theme, try choosing stylish phones and appliances in colours such as black, white and silver without any adornments. The look should be clean and minimal and should underline the natural theme with, where possible, energy-saving technologies.

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  • In terms of lighting, opt for decent and recyclable bulbs and thin, minimalist lamps which work in the background rather than being overtly eye-catching themselves.