London Living - Furnishing Small Spaces


Living in the Big City can be wonderful, with so much to do and see, but if you’ve recently moved to London – or any large city – the realities of living there can often come crashing down all too quickly. The main issue with London living is, of course, the space. Many people can’t afford anything more than a small flat or a house share, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t afford to make the most of your space; with some creative thinking and the right furniture, you can turn your home into a delightful place to live. Harveys Furniture - storage coffee table

If space is really tight – such as in a bedsit or studio flat – a sofa bed could be the answer to your problems. They don’t have to be tiny; a double sofa bed will give you plenty of space to sit in the day as well as a large area to stretch out in at night. If you have a separate sitting area but often have friends or family staying, a small sofa bed could do the job, or even just a small sofa to add onto your existing seating.

Harveys Furniture - sofa bed 1

Extra furniture can help with de-cluttering a room and keeping all your usual mess out of sight. Even if your living room is relatively tidy, coffee tables with storage compartments will give you somewhere to place your drink plus somewhere to put your TV remotes, newspapers etc that inevitably get spread over several sofas. Wall storage units and bookcases will also help to keep the place tidy.

Harveys Furniture - storage stool

If you’re living in a flat share, you can often get into petty arguments with your housemates over space. One simple way of sorting this out (without one of you threatening to move) is by using a room divider. They come in a wide range of designs these days, so they can be both a practical and stylish addition to any living area.